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One more thing- Best L2 servers are always low rates 1-3 but its also means no-life mode, L2 is not meant to be PvP servers , that's why its so hard to make perfect balance cos Ncsoft  made l2 for low rates, for retail buff times  , and so on , you must know it to understand why it take so much time to make server good and balanced
Here we are trying to make Fast , balanced game for players who don't have all day time to play , to farm, to exp and craft, who just want to get some pvp after work or school and have some fun

Server Version: Epilogue
XP = [x5000]
SP = [x2000]
Adena = [x10000]
Max enchant= [+6]
Safe= [+3]
Enchant rate= [33%]
Blessed= weapon [66%] armor-jewels [90%]
Skill enchant +10 max rate 99% bog's drops from mobs in pvp zone

Full gm shop
Elemental attributes- disabled

Subclass skills - disabled

3 events - TvT , DeathMatch, Last Man standing  24/7 reward apiga and festival adena
NPC buff 1 hour(pp/wc/bd/sws/ol/ee/se/craft)
Siege only for 1 castle - Aden every 3 days = mass pvp all server try to take 1 castle
Fortress siege only to 1 fortress evert 3 hours
30 subclasses no class restrictions , up tp 85 lvl
Olly period 1 weak 19.30-21.30 time
There is no grade penalty
To join events use .tvtjoin .dmjoin .lmjoin
In events you get festival adena to buy accessories
Some custom raid for clan reputation points
100% working lag free geo-data engine

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